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Welcome to our portfolio of the most stylish and individual boutique hotels across the globe. Our philosophy is, that travelling should always be with style, no matter how large or small your budget is. We tell you about the best rooms & suites to ask for, give recommendations of stylish restaurants and bars and try to make every trip as remarkable as possible.


EIGHTY FOUR ROOMS guarantees the best room rates available, and thanks to our lovely guides to each destination, you really are on the inside track. All our hand picked boutique hotels and houses have been visited by us before so you can be assured that each hotel impresses by its unique location, a fabulous style and really is the best in class.

We 've got it covered from rockstar retreats to romantic breaks, luxe ski lodges to dazzling ocean views and urban city hubs.


EIGHTY FOUR ROOMS is passionately managed by Sebastian Schöllgen.

After studying hospitality management in Switzerland and Spain and working for three years in well-known luxurious hotels like the Ritz Carlton Villa Padierna in Marbella, the Grand Hotel Victoria Jungfrau in Switzerland or the Rocco Forte Hotel de Rome in Berlin, Sebastian, a world traveller made his dream come true by starting his own travel agency.

But why did he choose this extravagant name?
Well, the answer is as simple as it could possibly be: he chose the name because it represents his age group and the number of hotels he wanted to present in the first place. Indeed, as we can discover today the goal is by far outreached.

Bon Voyage

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Sebastian Schöllgen

Sebastian Schoellgen

Founder & Managing Partner

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